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About me

Christine White, designer and owner of Daydream Designs, is a native to the South shore of Long Island, New York. Always as a child Christine has always had a creative flare and would spend hours of her childhood drawing and painting.

During her creative journey, Christine entered the Maryland Institute College in 2005 with the intention of majoring in Fine Arts, but then deciding to study Video art and production with an influence in photography and graduated with her Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2009.

                After graduating Christine has taken on many jobs (mostly non creative) to pay the bills, while still finding herself in this crazy world (and still is). Through this time and times before, Christine has always had a habit to doodle in her notebooks, journals, scrap paper and textbooks. Just doodling away to keep her mind occupied and fill the dull spaces in her books.

It wasn’t till the opportunity to move into Art Space of Patchogue theses “doodles” came into shape after a friend suggested she turned them into fabric. From there Christine has developed a love for textiles and continues to explore the medium. She finds inspiration from nature, meditation, colors and mandalas.